About me

I am a physiotherapist and teacher.

I support the recovery of my patients and the professional development of physiotherapists and occupational therapist.

I will help you gain knowledge so that you can help your patients.

My motto is “docere, delectare, movere” – to teach, to find pleasure (in learning), to move.

Cicero in his work entitled “Officia oratoris” describes this triad as the duties of a lecturer. He is to teach his listeners, while at the same time delighting and moving them. “To “move both” emotionally, but also to as “change their minds”, “lead them to a new opinion”.

I try to share my knowledge and experience so that my clients enjoy learning.

I “move” literally and figuratively. I will show you exercises, activities, therapeutic techniques, but also provide you with a body of knowledge so that you can build therapeutic strategies on your own. Because a good teacher does not instruct but shows the way.

What distinguishes me is that I work with both neurological and orthopaedic patients. I wrote my master’s thesis in neurology and my doctoral thesis in orthopaedics. I completed postgraduate schools of Manual Therapy and Orthopaedic Medicine, and at the same time, I am an international instructor of the PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) method, which has its roots in neurology.

Often these two fields are separated, “ortho” or “neuro” courses are done. I have found that the common ground that guarantees success in treating patients from both groups is knowledge about postural control. In my courses, you will get the tools to work with a wide range of patients. During the course, I ask about your expectations and organize the classes according to the “therapeutic” needs of the participants. This makes each course unique.

Professional career

Right after my studies, I started working at the A&S Studio in Krakow, with a group of fantastic physiotherapy enthusiasts. Today, those people form the Polish Functional Rehabilitation Centre VOTUM, or Reha Krak Rehabilitation Clinics. We exchanged experiences, looked for solutions together, attended workshops after working hours. We were all thirsty for knowledge and full of desire to help our patients. I was lucky to have met them.

I conducted therapy with patients after craniocerebral traumas, spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, but also with children with posture defects and adults with pain problems and after musculoskeletal surgeries.

Another smile of fate… At the same time as working in the office, I spent many years translating courses at the Reha Plus training center, which gave me the unique opportunity to learn from the best instructors of well-known rehabilitation methods. Their vast knowledge, variety of approaches to therapy, different ways of teaching, formed my workshop as a physiotherapist and lecturer.

Over ten years ago, my husband and I moved to Munich. Here again, I found enthusiasts for my profession. I work in a practice that also specializes in the therapy of craniomandibular dysfunctions. Thanks to my colleagues and training I have expanded my workshop in this narrow field of physiotherapy.

In addition to conducting PNF training, I have created the “Lucky 7” program for therapists – seven simple rules for regulating muscle tension, when treating, among other things, so-called “spasticity”. For companies, I elaborated the project “Keep Your Team Fit”, where I explain to employees how to take care of their healthy posture in the office.

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I love cooking and hiking in the mountains, and riding my bike to work. I am fluent in Polish, German, English, and French. Because of my passion for cooking, I am currently learning Italian.

Let us meet and exchange experiences. Write to me or sign up for one of my courses.

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